The Museum of the End of the War, Dongo

The museum of the end of the war inDongo: an interesting tip to plunge into history!

The road that leads from Como to Dongo is the one that the German convoy drove along on 27th April 1945, with Mussolini and the fascist ministers of the Italian Social Republic following close behind.

They were taken to Palazzo Manzi in Dongo after their arrest and the ‘Golden Room’ was the place of detention for the senior Fascists while Mussolini was moved to another place; he was then executed by a firing squad in Mezzegra.

The museum of the end of the war was inaugurated in 2014 in Dongo and, in memory of these events, it thrust the visitors in a virtual journey thanks to advanced multimedia technology .

Video and sound projections will bring back to life winners and losers, in an experience that will arouse the interest of visitors of all ages. Quest’ultimo venne poi fucilato a Mezzegra.

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